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In BARBADELLA Home, manufacturer of home dress, we are pleased to introduce the new concept: THINKING BARBADELLA in which we want to show you the basics that make our work philosophy.
THINKING BARBADELLA philosophy means among other things: better every day, makes a difference, create more, be innovate in our designs and inspiration for new and fun styles for all types of people, improve every moment, discover how to make you feel more comfortable in your home, etc..
Our aspiration is to create products that are functional, easy to coordinate and create warm and comfortable environments for your home. Our designs let you make an instant feel-good atmosphere, pleasant comfort, all with the stamp of our guaranteed quality and our manufacturing "made in Spain": BARBADELLA from Spain to the world.
This and more is what represents THINKING BARBADELLA ... What are you waiting to throw?, When was the last time you did something for the first time?